Links and stuff!

welcome to my links! i hope you like the new design ^^ all links r safe approved by me


nds forwarder cias for home menu:make nds to cia (OBLIGATORY READ OF REQUIREMENTS)

3ds hack guide:full guide of how to mod your 3ds

Videogames music albums:full OST'S of videogames music

fitgirl repacks:download ultracompressed games

vimm lair:holy grail of roms, preserving the classics

nxbrew:switch roms download

hshop:biggest 3ds cias directory

old games:90'-00' games, includes some gc games

Steam piracy support forum:some games downloads r there

Amiibo life:amiibo bins for readable nfc cards

Emulation wiki:for all your emulation needs

Reddit thread of 3ds themes:official nintendo themes via injection

tlauncher:free minecraft (recently released a pocked edition)

Citra:3ds emulator(can rip game files)

vg resources:sprites,models,everything is here

bluemaxima flashpoint:download flash games with a opensource based flash player

ultra injection for 3ds via cia files:install retro games with this program(includes a gba injection tutorial)

roms megathread:more roms in case you need to find something specific

NonMAME:site that compiles the best opensource emulators

Html, css, js, etc..

Neo geo:codes, resources and more stuff

Html free codes:free codes of anything

Corelangs:html page, old but still works

Layout builder:in need of a blog layout? sadgrl got your back


Sonic art archive:sonic art including concepts

Pepakura:Have nice paper crafted figures of anything (includes a gallery)

Line sticker rip:rip line stickers with this easy tutorial

sticker club:sticker scans

catbox:host your files here(you can host more than images)

remove bg:self explanatory


Itazuraneko:neocities site to learn japanese and more stuff

Animaniacs:Google drive with all the episodes (includes 2020 reboot)

9anime:watch anime in high quality

LISA rpg wiki:lisa full wiki

Mangadex:manga stuff

Kimcartoon:watch cartoons for free (watch woy and kidcosmic ty)

Cuevana:spanish website to watch movies(original dubs are available)

Friendlysailor:tumblr acc for piracy, alot of reblogs

los truchitos de ascendente:adobe programs and others(includes mac installs)

Spotify + yt without adslike the title says

Reddit megathread piracy:need something specific? search here

Adblock plus:block ads, scripts, etc

weboas:Bookmarker page with tons of cool stuff

Photopea:web-browser photoshop ripoff, can do most of the things

Neoglossary:neocities glossary

rentry dot org megathread:alot of piracy stuff if u wanna start somewhere(includes untrusted sites)

hyperbeam:share movies or videos with your friends

Mega pack of lenguages:learn new lenguages for free